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Vanessa Brady OBE, founder of the Society of British and International Design (SBID)

Vanessa is an international multi-award winning interior designer, business consultant and founder of SBID. Her portfolio of projects and clients includes the Hard Rock Cafe, the Design Council, Kabaret Club, British Luxury Club, Unilever, the Sultan of Brunei, and the King of Saudi Arabia. In 2014,Bradyentered into collaboration with Sunseeker International on the new Predator II yacht.

What role have awards and competition played in shaping your career?

They have changed the marketplace for everyone as clients now want an award winning architect when they consider project appointments.

In your opinion, what are the universal qualities successful architecture must possess in order to be outstanding?

It must have a human interaction as well as that formed through computer software. I think computer architecture has changed architecture beyond our imagination and the world’s skylines have changed forever, but we need both architects personal touch and interaction with the possibilities that “blobbi-tecture” software can create to prevent designs from becoming fashion statements rather than functional buildings.

To what extent do you feel the architect’s role in society has changed during your career?

The architect has always rightfully been respected as a pioneer of change but now they are regarded as an added value for every investment and promoted as a marque of excellence by the developer.

What do you think it should be, ideally?

I think architects are more reachable today, they are more engaging and they do more than design buildings for their function and their look, they design for wellbeing and the built environment too.

What most excites you about the contemporary architecture scene?

The fantasy element, looking through the nominations for the LEAF Awards was like looking at Gotham City, amazing.

Conversely, are there any trends that you find particularly troubling?

Again, I return to the idea of clients looking towards big name competition-winning architects as the only people they want working on their projects.

Is there a building you wish you could have designed, and why?

The British Museum, it’s a classic building, with a modern twist even today its balanced architecture is a monument of powerful shape and curve from a time when every detail was a mathematical calculation.

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