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Andrew Bromberg Picture

Andrew Bromberg – Speaker

Andrew Bromberg at Aedas

Motivated by the desire to inspire and uplift the everyday lives of people, Andrew Bromberg strives for this goal through architecture.

In Asia, where Andrew lives and works, challenges in high density urban cities provide plenty of opportunities. With a higher education in environmental design, cultural geography as well as architecture, his works directly explore how to improve and extend the public realm. Boundaries between traditional public and private thresholds are often blurred and extended to enrich the experience of transitioning into a building. Experience and discovery shape the buildings in response to both the context and environment and the inner celebration of the typologies themselves.

Instead of presenting a singular experience, Andrew tends to build in layers which allow varying degrees of interpretation and enjoyment, and reveal themselves in a journey through the spaces that the buildings loosely define. Often his projects encourage public interaction into, around and on top of his projects.

With limited urban green space in Asia, his buildings intertwine and merge with the nature. Without compromising the altruistic and unconventional qualities, Andrew’s projects are always optimised to ensure viability.

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