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LEAF Review

The LEAF partnership portfolio functions as an international community for all those involved with the built environment, including architects and planners, contractors, developers and interior designers. Now in its fifth year, the partnership portfolio includes The LEAF Review,, the LEAF Awards and the LEAF International event.

The result of the original LEAF forum’s huge success, The LEAF Review and give a voice to Europe’s architects, from established names to new start-ups. Readers and online users are drawn together by their thirst for knowledge and passion for the most inspiring and innovative designs. The LEAF Review is avidly read by our growing community of architects and construction professionals, while the design portal provides a one-stop source for all your business and information needs.

The publication and portal complement each other by capturing the opinions, ideas and philosophies of Europe’s foremost architects and construction engineers in a mix of topical articles, case studies, exclusive interviews and profiles. We also showcase the best in new architecture and talk to the designers creating it.

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