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Theo Nicolaou – Speaker

Head of Design, Areen Design

With a wealth of experience spanning SE Asia, Europe and more recently the Middle East, Theo has delivered numerous large scale projects.

From residential, corporate and commercial schemes, to leisure and hospitality, he strives to ensure the result is always inspiring and individual whilst remaining sensitive to the changing environment.

A strong and collaborative brief as well as clear understanding of function supports his approach, resulting in a design tailored in every detail.

Being heavily involved at the earliest strategic planning stage positively influences the progression of the design. This results in finished projects that are not only the culmination of the clients requirements but also sensitive to future demands, advancing technologies and the evolving patterns

of human interaction. All of this is driven by the ever growing demands for bespoke and innovative solutions.

Since joining Areen Theo has realised the unique benefits of combining design with procurement and logistic services. This collaboration ensures a consistent and robust delivery of projects that are true to the original concept.

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