Delivering Integrated Patient Centred Health Services through Technology

7-8 November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress will be returning to Stockholm on the 7th and 8th of November 2017 to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in health innovation. We’ll be bringing together clinicians, the health and social care workforce, policy makers and technology providers to examine how the sector can meet the triple challenge of improving the patient experience, improving health outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Through successful case studies of mhealth implementation in the Nordics, panel discussions and roundtable debates our attendees will learn further about how to overcome common challenges like change management, interoperability, scaling of systems and how to seize opportunities offered by the likes of virtual consultations and large scale EMR implementation.


Exploring the Nordic Experience – The Implementation of mHealth Across the Region

This year the Nordic mHealth Technology Congress will feature case studies from across the Nordics, highlighting individual country experience of designing and using mobile technology in healthcare. These sessions will explore the specific challenges and opportunities each country has faced and offer transferable lessons for both health and social care.

Exploring the Patient’s Point of View on mHealth Technology

This year, the mHealth Technology Congress will present the patient’s point of view. Sara Riggare is a researcher, PhD Student at the Karolinska Institute, but also a patient. Sara was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she was 13 years old and went on to study health informatics, concentrating her research on “Personal observations as a tool for improvement in chronic disease”.

Discussing the Barriers for mHealth Expansion in the Nordics

This 2017 mHealth Technology Congress  agenda will feature 2 very important panel discussions featuring senior speakers from across the region, the debates will focus on the main challenges the industry of mhealth in facing and look for answers to overcome common barriers -

5 reasons why social media is an essential tool to make mhealth a success

The phenomenon of Social media which is commonly used by a large number of users across the globe is also a tool that contributes to the success of mhealth. Within healthcare social media has facilitated the change in traditional patient-doctor communication and has evolved it into a global participatory discussion.

The challenges of implementing latest mobile technology into the industry

The healthcare industry is one which is sceptical about latest mobile technology and implementing it into their services. There are a few challenges which can be addressed in order to make it a success.

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