5 reasons why social media is an essential tool to make mhealth a success

The phenomenon of Social media which is commonly used by a large number of users across the globe is also a tool that contributes to the success of mhealth. Within healthcare social media has facilitated the change in traditional patient-doctor communication and has evolved it into a global participatory discussion. This new intervention has seen many successes through the variety of uses:

·         Educating patients through social media

According to hcsmonitor one third of health consumers use social media sites for many reasons, some of them being to research symptoms on diseases, reviews on treatments and more. Patients are looking for information on social media sites, which is why medical practices and providers commonly involve themselves with such platforms.

·         Communication channel

Patients and physicians interact commonly via social media to promote awareness of various illnesses, precautions and many more health-related information with one another. Online applications such as WebMD offer a platform for both consumer and physician-moderated health-related conversations. Other websites also allow patients to upload detailed information regarding their condition to receive information from similar patients.

·         Building online reputation

Many active social media users say their choice of specific doctors, hospitals treatments are influenced by social media. The future of marketing is social media, and this strategy can be used for healthcare businesses as well. With the advent of patient review sites, and online discussion forms medical services are being discussed online regularly, brands are undoubtedly able to build their online reputation and leave a stamp within the healthcare community.

·         Recruitment method

Recruiting patients for clinical trials through traditional avenues has been seen as costly and time-consuming; now clinical investigators and contract research organisations use online communities to recruit volunteers for clinical trials and have seen positive responses according to a study conducted by Blue Chip Patient Recruitment.

·         Health professional trainings

Online applications are now a popular tool used within training in the healthcare industry for collaboration to share cases and opinions.

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