The challenges of implementing latest mobile technology into the industry

The healthcare industry is one which is sceptical about latest mobile technology and implementing it into their services. There are a few challenges which can be addressed in order to make it a success.


The security aspect of new mobile is a main concern with implementation in healthcare; this is due to the common encounter with confidential and sensitive patient health data. In order to tackle this predicament, it is advised to build a compliant telehealth application, specific encryption algorithms and data security standards needs to be followed whilst doing so.

Data privacy and regulations

Data protection and legislation can be seen as a challenge. There are a number of privacy laws and regulations which surround patient document rights. Such regulations affect data fluidity whilst making it difficult to adapt latest mobile technologies which are heavily data based.

High performing solutions

For real time solutions within the healthcare industry it is essential to have high quality application performance and high quality service. To implement latest mobile technology it is a must for applications to be available for professionals and patients on regularly used devices. A common issue which is raised is those which relate to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. It is evident that the communication service needs to be optimized to work reliably across many network conditions and environments.

Simple user experience

When adding latest mobile technology into an organisations structure, user experience is an important factor to consider. According to research conducted by HealthDay it can be seen that despite there being many incentives attached to usage, only 1 in 6 doctors utilise electronic health record systems regularly. Assumptions can be made that there is reluctance from many healthcare professionals to upgrade to new latest mobile technology because of the familiarity with older systems and methods.

Over two days, The Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress 2017 will be discussing the challenges of implementing latest mobile technology further. The conference will also present interesting and successful examples of existing latest mobile technology implementation in the industry. If you want to keep up with latest mobile technology then this event is for you! We look forward to seeing you there.

Full agenda of the conference can be found here: