SFATA is heavily focused on defending the industry’s ability to remain profitable in the U.S. marketplace. As a national trade association, we represent and advocate on behalf of our member companies at the federal level as our core mission. But, we will also engage at the state and local levels. Because things are moving quickly and the stakes are high, we take this responsibility very seriously. 

SFATA retains a highly experienced federal lobbyist, and our Executive Director is a former lawmaker. Together, they work to get reasonable regulations for this industry by meeting with Congressmen, staff, and federal agency decision makers, as well as participate in several coalition efforts with other stakeholders in the vapor products industry. 

In order to keep our members well informed, our federal lobbyist communicates directly to all SFATA members in a weekly federal update. And, our Executive Director regularly alerts members when a specific activity on their part will be most useful to the work they are doing in Washington, DC. We realize our members can’t always be on the ground in our nation’s capital city, so we keep their voice heard before policy makers, make sure they are aware of what is going on, and bring them directly into the action when needed.

In some of the 50 states, SFATA also retains lobbyists to advocate for our members at the state level. As a former state senator and government affairs professional, our Executive Director keeps our lobbyists well trained, in compliance with all state ethics laws, and informed about the ever-changing environment in which our industry must operate. While our organization’s mission is national, we do provide top-rate lobbyist management services at no additional cost in states where our members locally exhibit a commitment to funding this additional representation.

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