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2018 Speakers Announced

Arena International is delighted to announce the Speaking Faculty for the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe Conference.


The 2018 speaking line-up includes experts in outsourcing, clinical operations and clinical technology and data:


Werner Gladdines, Executive Director and Head of European Clinical Operations, BioClin Therapeutics

Jose Manuel Ordonez, Spain CCO Therapeutic Area Leader Onco-Haematology, Roche

Santiago Esteva, Head Clinical Operations, SOM Biotech

Estrella Garcia Alvarez, Director Global Clinical Operations, Almirall

Sara Pich, Head Clinical Development, Gendiag

Edwin Spaans, Chief Medical Officer, Khondrion

Francoise Bruyère, Clinical Manager, Mithra Pharmaceuticals

Iryna Berchak, Head of Clinical & Preclinical Trials, Yuria Pharma

Lidia Cappellina, Head of R&D Outsourcing Management, Chiesi Farmaceutici

Véronique Freund, Quality Head Europe & APAC, Sanofi

Gaspar Amat, International Associate Medical Director, Medical Affairs, PharmaMar

Tanja Ouimet, Director of Clinical Development, Pharmaleads

José Alfón, R&D Director, Ability Pharmaceuticals

Olga Claros, CEO, Archivel Farma

Frank Verheggen, Director Clinical Program Management, Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Peter Clompen, Director Vendor Management at Ablynx

Kai Langel, Director R&D Operations Innovation, Janssen

Di Peng, Chief Procurement Leader Research and Innovation, Danone Nurticia

Sandra van Wetering, Chief Operations Officer, DCPrime

Fabio Miceli, Associate Director, Country and Clinical Quality, Norgine

Oriol Serra Oritz, Director Study Optimization, Pfizer

István Udvaros, Chief Medical Officer, Cristal Therapeutics

Patrick Rambaud, Chief Executive Officer, Organic Vaccines

William Faria, Global Manager Data Management, Galderma

Robert Greene, President, HungerndThirst Foundation

Anna Cascante, R&D Director, Sagetis Biotech

Countdown to Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe 2018