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A look back at the 2016 event ...

In July this year Arena international had the pleasure of providing a unique platform for the Midwest biotech and pharma industry to come together and discuss their current outsourcing challenges.

Both days were filled presentations with cutting edge content from a wide array of perspectives.

Most notably the Day 1 keynote presentation by Eli Lilly’s Leigh Ann Nass proved to be very popular. Her presentation discussed strategies to increase accessibility and building engagement for patients in clinical trials.  It added a very good insight into how much more pharma companies can do to increase patient involvement in clinical trials.

Day 2 similarly was a great day for learning new concepts and practical solutions.  The panel session in particular involving Joe Pastore (Juventus Therapeutics) and Michael R Ujhelyi (Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation) was a very engaging session which sparked much debate and participation from the audience.  The Panel discussion discussed study start up challenges and was quite unique in the sense that it contained the contrasting perspectives of a pharmaceutical company and a site’s perspective