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Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials East Coast 2016

Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials (CTO) is the only operationally-focused oncology conference in the USA. Alongside our West Coast conference, the East Coast conference in the Boston biotech hub is tailored specifically for Clinical Operations/Development/Research and Medical Affairs pharma and biotech representatives in the region.

With a dynamic programme written for the industry, by the industry, our 5th annual CTO East Coast event and promises to be an engaging and memorable conference. Optimizing clinical processes within oncology trials to ensure effective patient recruitment, trial management and achieve trial success is central to this year’s conference. Below are some developments for 2016:

Innovation in Immuno-oncology (or I-O) from a trial design and application perspective:

·CMO Interview with TESARO: evaluating operational steps taken in drug development from concept to delivery

·Case studies detailing advances in personalised medicine from a companion diagnostics perspective

·Next Generation data management and risk-based monitoring and adaptive trials

·Trial sponsor and vendor perspectives on operational aspects of imaging

·Global perspectives in terms of site selection and enhancing sponsor/vendor partnerships