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Genentech’s Bardia Akbari presents on the role of technology in Patient Centricity

This year’s Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials West Coast conference opened with an insightful presentation from Genentech’s Bardia Akbari. The VP Global Head Clinical Operations (Oncology) spoke about the role of technology in patient centricity. Delegates were given a summary of the different tools that can be used to gain patient insights, including web listening, ethnography, focus groups and surveys. From there, Bardia gave his thoughts on the future of clinical trials and explained how better data and improved technology has the potential to increase patient engagement and accessibility.

He explored why digital health is a concept that should be embraced by pharma and oncology in particular. There are certainly many external drivers in the oncology industry that would support a digital health strategy, such as drug development costs and increased competition. In many ways, the industry statistics speak for themselves with 500+ unique healthcare apps, 6.6 million downloads of these apps and around 300 clinical trials already implementing mHealth.

mHealth, he explained, is the practice of conducting clinical trials through the use of mobile technologies and it holds real promise of transforming trial participation and outcomes by enabling education and awareness, decentralised trials, remote monitoring and many other possibilities currently closed to traditional clinical operations departments.

Undoubtedly, social media and digital technology will continue to play a central role in engaging the patients of the future. Be sure to join us at the 2017 event to find out more.

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