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Growing Competition in Oncology Trials

The competition in crowded oncology trials is tremendous. As we know, patient recruitment and retention in oncology are probably most challenging fields; therefore they must be viewed with extra care in order to beat the competition. Low recruitment and retention rates usually lead to many problems such as timeline delays when testing drug effectiveness or increased operation cost. While successful patient recruitment and retention practices in oncology trials will result in many competitive advantages.

Not surprisingly, to increase patient participation and recruitment rates in oncology trials, Pharma companies need to stand out from a crowd. It is no longer enough to simply give the chance to test a new drug for your patients – their needs, wants and concerns must be included in to the protocol as well. In addition, Pharma companies now need to think about demographics and concentrate on finding right patients. 

In Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials 2017 conference we will be addressing these problems – we already have some brilliant speakers lined up. For example Sameena Sharif, VP of Business Operations, Portfolio & Project Management at Astex Pharmaceticals will be delivering a presentation about finding the right patients to avoid timeline delays and speed up market launch. Florence Tao, Director, Regulatory Program Management at Genentech will present how to develop a global trial to recruit native patient populations.

Because oncology trials are long processes, another big challenge is actually retaining trial patients after the initial recruitment.  It is not enough to simply employ a large number of patients, in order to stay competitive.  We will be tackling this problem too – during the second day we have a panel discussion with Graeme Currie, VP of Clinical Sciences and Operations, at Dynavax Technologies, Deborah Collyar, President at Patient Advocates in Research (PAIR) and Laura Cooke, Director, Global Clinical Program Management at Amgen. They will be discussing if trials can be truly patient-centric and investigating if promoting patient-centric aspects into trials can improve retention rate.

Over two days, Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials West Coast will be exploring innovative strategies in patient recruitment and retention that can help to thrive in crowded oncology sector. So if you want to beat the competition in oncology trials, this event is the right one for you! We know that you don’t want to miss this conference and we look forward to seeing you there!

Full agenda can be found here.

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