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New 2017 Trend: Better Together than Apart - Optimizing Oncology Trials by Collaborating with Other Partners

The landscape of oncology clinical is changing to meet the tight demands of crowded oncology trials. In order to increase both cost efficiency and speed clinical operations, many of companies are collaborating clinical trial operations with other firms. In this way, pharmas can cooperate together to improve patient recruitment rates rather than increasing competition in the already crowded oncology trial area.

Partnering with other external parties such as investigators and data analysis companies is also actively happening. As studies in certain oncology therapeutic area are developing rapidly, pharma companies are working closely with investigators to build more insights in the investment. They also collaborate with data analysts to identify strategies to increase competitiveness.

Julie Doostzadeh, Senior Clinical Program Manager at Gilead Sciences will be presenting more on this trend at the 2017 event. Come and join her presentation to find a way to optimize your clinical trial in this competitive oncology field.

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