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The rise of wearable technology within clinical trials?

This article will look at the rise of wearable technology within clinical trials.  With a rise in upcoming technology, technology companies are now entering the clinical research space. It was recorded that more than 97,000 mhealth apps were available to the consumer in 2013.

An example of an app which is currently being produced by Apple is ResearchKit. This app will provide a software framework allowing researchers to create apps which can collect clinical data via wearable devices and smartphones.

The integration of wearable technology with smartphones now offer increasing capabilities to collect and store health data in real time. As long as someone is wearing the device, data can be collected.

Some benefits of wearable devices within the clinical trials space are:

·         Real-world measurements of health status as individuals follow their daily routines; this provides opportunities to build richer patient health profiles.

·         Accurate evaluation to improve patient results, in addition, to deliver time marked data to compare and verify PRO’s.

·         Reduces costs by decreasing the need for expensive clinical visits. Analysing data from mobile sensors can provide researchers with extra information to help show the benefits of the drug.

·         Accurate involvement prompts by alerting researchers to possible opposing events or patient non-compliance sooner during the trial.

With wearable technologies proving benefits for clinical researchers, they are also a good for providing benefits to patients. A wearable technology allows data to be collected digitally and automatically, so patients do not need to keep manual data records.  In addition to this wearable health, devices reduce the need for clinical visits, giving contributors a greater degree of independence.

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