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Agenda highlights for 2017

The PACE agenda is full of exciting presentations, case studies, debates and roundtables for 2017 and it will be a superb few days in Amsterdam. Michael Nieuwensteeg the Managing Director at NVC and renowned packaging guru will be chairing the event.

We will start the Welcome Day with a presentation from Sriman Banerjee at GSK Healthcare – Sriman will be giving the keynote presentation on utilising technology effectively to enhance packaging and consumer engagement. In the new digital era every industry is having to adjust to technology and packaging is no exception with consumers wanting more interaction from their products. Smart phones have changed consumer’s demands and it is important that packaging will adapt to fit in with it.

As always in packaging; sustainability is a key theme for the agenda this year. We have a panel discussion with Krzysztof Krajewski from RB and Marcel Keuenhof from Wassanen who will be discussing the future of packaging no longer being an environmental dilemma and considering the price of recyclable materials.

There is also a focus on circular economy and we are very excited to be welcoming Marianne Muller from the European Commission who will be giving an outlook on the future of the EU regulatory framework for circular economy. This will be an insightful presentation and gives delegates an insight into the thoughts of future regulations. Julie Francioli from Godiva and Sanjeev Das from Unilever will be sitting on a panel to look from the brand side about circular economy and discovering new business models for circular economy.

You can be part of an interactive debate on flexible vs. Rigid plastics where two people will be picked from the audience to battle it out and a group vote afterwards will take place to see who came out the winner.

The programme is split into streams on day two – one of the streams is focusing more on the brand management of packaging and the design. The other stream focuses on the more technical side of packaging and working with upstream suppliers. You will be able to hear case studies from Beiersdorf and IlLVA Saronno.

The final day of the conference gives you a chance to have in depth discussions in the roundtables about specific challenges the packaging industry experiences. The roundtables are intimate and a great way to share experiences.

A future without plastic will be considered in the afternoon of day two followed by an insight into Japanese packaging and the future of packaging.

This year’s agenda has more brands on it than ever before and is set out to be an exciting few days. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.