Branding your packaging – what do you need to know?

Packaging is like a book cover – that’s the first thing that your customers are going to see, therefore branding your packaging could be more important than you have thought.

Needless to say that with branding relative to the audiences you will achieve higher targets, thus you simply cannot leave packaging out. We listed some key strategies below to make sure that your packaging’s branding is recognised by today’s customer.

1.      Keep your branding consistent

It might seem obvious, but many companies don’t follow this rule, especially when it comes to events or special occasions. We have seen many examples when inconsistent branding backfires; a good example for that is Christmas coffee cups. There is a huge temptation to use packaging more relative to Christmas than the brand itself, but reports show that completely irrelevant branding for product’s packaging decrease sales figures.

2.      Make it stand out

When branding the package of your product you have a unique opportunity to make it stand out. Especially when it comes to food brands, customers are more likely to pick up branded tin of tomatoes rather than a house brand, simply because packaging is more eye-catching.

3.      Make packaging part of your brand experience

Keep in mind that modern customer doesn’t want to be bored. You have a great opportunity to give consumer extensive brand experience via packaging. For example, if your logo has a distinctive shape/texture or company name stands for something unusual – enhance that through branding your packaging.

As you can see, branding your product’s packaging is a key to differentiation and better brand retention rates therefore it’s important that you look into packaging as part of product/brand experience rather than a production team task. Branding your packaging will help your product to be recognised; hence it’s vital to keep up to date with latest trends and news in the market. To hear more about packaging insights and ideas join our PACE Europe forum in February 2017.