De Budelse

De Budelse packaging & print is keen to stand out by being close to its customers. Quality, innovation and flexibility are our core concepts.
Since its inception in 1950, De Budelse has therefore been able to develop into an advanced printing company with added value in various markets.

The production process is fully geared to the efficient and rapid processing of many variations in volume and size. This is achieved by using different printing techniques Offset and digital), clever internal logistics and extensive automation. This allows you to have minimal stock and keep it up to date at all times.

In this way your printed material never loses communication power, you have less waste and keep costs low.

BuDi includes a wide range of automated services/products divided into the following categories:

BuDi Connect: dashboard for real-time display of order information, automated transmission of order information, scheduling, status, upload files etc.

BuDi Webshop:e-commerce solution with an adjustable front- and back-end capabilities. An important part is online design and personalisation. 

BuDi Logistics: processing from order to shipment. Increases the quality and processing speed of orders. 

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