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Munksjö is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced paper products developed with intelligent technology, with one of the widest range of flexible packaging papers for food and non-food applications, as well as technical papers for wet-glue and self-adhesive labelling. For the flexible packaging industry, Munksjö specialty papers are mainly used to pack, wrap and protect. Main applications include confectionary, petfood, baking, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and medical pouches products. Munksjö is continuously working on innovations that support customers' and end-users' sustainable brand values. With nearly 100 paper products, the range delivers a variety of properties and functionalities for the most demanding requirements, including grease barrier, release, wet strength, lamination, extrusion, waxing, twisting, folding, and printing. Given Munksjö's global presence and way of integrating with the customers, the company forms a worldwide service organisation with approximately 2,900 employees. It has 15 facilities located in France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Munksjö's share is listed on Nasdaq in Helsinki and Stockholm. 

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