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Who Should Attend?

PACE Europe provides a unique platform for brand owners across multiple sectors to learn from peers and regulators on latest trends and challenging within this fast-paced sector. This exciting and well respected forum also provides a fantastic opportunity for discovering new technologies and suppliers.

Key job titles from Brand Owners include:

  • VP of Packaging
  • VP of Purchasing
  • VP of Procurement
  • Packaging Technology Managers
  • Brand Director/Manager
  • CMOs
  • CTOs
  • Brand Protection/Legal Counsel
  • VP of R&D
  • Marketing Director


We have put together some pie-charts based on the previous year’s attendees, including stats on the types of products most desired to see represented, the area percieved to have the highest growth potential, the primary markets and procurement budgets.

We found that out of all the attendees:

-         70% of the attendees of the PACE forum are actively looking for smart packaging solutions

-         38% of the attendees of PACE have an annual procurement budget of $100m

Click on the images to the right to view the pie charts.



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