Exploring the latest innovations for consumer engagement using packaging design to deliver a functional sustainable product

15th & 16th November 2017, Singapore

Arena International is proud to invite you for the 6th year to the PACE Asia Forum, the annual event bringing together actors of the packaging industry across Asia in the beautiful city of Singapore.

In a context of very fast-changing consumer behaviour, this forum will bring together suppliers, packaging manufacturers, governing bodies, and will provide a unique opportunity to network and debate the future of packaging with only experts of the industry.

Our comprehensive agenda aims at focusing on the most up to date trends in Asia and will present case studies of successful sustainable, engaging, or functional packaging, and solutions to develop innovative packaging.


Event News

The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) and sustainable environment

Sustainable environment is a forever growing concern for Asia; therefore sustainability needs to be prioritised by all stakeholders – packaging manufacturers, brand owners, government and consumers.

3 factors affecting packaging industry in Asia

Packaging industry in Asia Pacific region is growing at a tremendous rate and it is expected to take up more than 60% of global retail packaging growth by 2020, making this region truly important. Therefore let’s explore few of the latest consumer and market trends that are impacting packaging in Asia.

A sneak peak to our agenda

Our 6th edition of PACE Forum will showcase a great diversity of topics to interest our exhaustive audience.

Large diversity of industry leaders speaking at PACE Asia 2017

This year, responding to the industry’s needs, the PACE Asia Forum will go through a large diversity of industries leader in packaging manufacturing.

The importance of sustainability in packaging

Sustainability has risen higher on the agenda for packaging manufacturer. The very fast growth led to a terrible pollution in Asian countries like in India. These emerging countries are more and more attentive to environmental policies and understood the necessity to reduce packaging waste and develop more environmental friendly packaging.

Highlights from 2016

The 2016 agenda included a diverse range of topics from packaging innovations to the latest trends in sustainability and regulatory updates. Attendees discussed how to approach customer value engineering and addressed the next generation packaging materials.