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Global Vision

Global Vision is the world leader in the design and delivery of automated proofreading solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Global Vision has helped customers increase proofreading accuracy, speed, productivity, and process efficiencies. Our company led the migration from manual proofreading to automation – gaining along the way an unmatched reputation for vision and technology.

Global Vision is uniquely qualified as the only company to offer a complete suite of products featuring text-based, pixel-based and Braille inspection technologies. Global Vision solutions meet all proofreading needs throughout the packaging workflow process including upfront design, packaging development, regulatory affairs, label control, incoming QC and production. As a result, Fortune 500 companies from around the globe rely on our solutions to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors found on items such as labels, cartons, inserts, leaflets, press sheets, procedures and contracts.

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