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Three Highlights from 2017 event

The 9th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labeling East Coast conference was jam-packed with strategies on global labeling, serialization and packaging. Here are three highlights (it was hard to highlight just a few from many of great presentations!) from the 2017 program:

1. Carlos Langezaal, Global Labeling Director at EISAI, provided a very informative presentation on “Introducing Eisai’s global labeling practices to strategically manage global labeling in a more cost and time effective ways”. He shared the insights into his team’s working practices with regards to global labeling, and offered his tips on managing different regulations and labeling requirements. When overseeing hundreds of different countries’ requirements, it was good to know what Carlos and his team are doing to optimize the process.

2. Gautam Debnath, Packaging Development Management Manager at GSK, demonstrated how 3D printing can be used as a part of the packaging and its bright future in technologies. He also brought a sample bottle that was 3D printed by GSK.

3. We had a panel discussion on “Exploring how to overcome key operational challenges within serialization to optimize this complex process”. It was an interactive session with a great engagement from both – the panellists and the audience. The subject of serialization was examined from different views – labeling, packaging and supply chain. It was a great opportunity to see each party’s concerns and gather ideas on how to optimize different processes.