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How to best optimize serialization to maximize productivity

The hottest topic in pharma for last 5 years – serialization finally seems to come to the end as the pharma companies are fully equipped with preparation for the deadline in 2017.

Serialization requires a comprehensive system to track and trace the passage of prescription drugs through the entire supply chain. Serialization could potentially identify every product by a unique serial number in addition to the origin, shelf life and batch number for that product. This could potentially allow the product’s lifecycle to be traced from production, through distribution, and finally to the patient. It is believed to help to prevent counterfeiting.

While the question for last few years was how to effectively implement it, it is now about how we can efficiently manage the whole process. This masterpiece of supply chain required a smooth orchestra of multiple functional departments – packaging, manufacturing, distribution, labelling, artwork and IT to ensure highly-optimized operations. Maintaining network performance, managing the timeline and maximizing productivity are certainly the biggest concerns for pharmas.

At the 9th Annual Packaging and Labeling conference, we are inviting pharma professionals in various roles and backgrounds to explore strategies to seek for highly scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage solutions that fit distributed environments.

Dave Mason, Global Serialization Lead from Sandoz, Michael Trocchia, Business Project Manager, CellChain Project from Novartis, Paul Nelson, Vice President, Supply Chain and Project Management from Amring Pharmaceuticals and Nicole Quallis, Labeling Manager from Valeant Pharmaceuticals will analyze the operational challenges with serialization from diverse perspectives.

Why don’t you come and join this exciting discussion to optimize your supply chain?

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