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3 challenges in pharmaceutical packaging and labeling

Pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, thus packaging and labeling brings few challenges. This article looks at most important ones for pharmaceutical businesses in 2017, as you want your product to be compliant, technologically advanced and sustainable.

1.       Serialization

Serialization is a complicated practice, therefore needs to be implemented with extra care to avoid unpredicted costs. It refers to the process where an object is converted into data bytes, and as for pharmaceutical industry it is allocation and placement of unique marks (bar-code / numerical code) on packaging.

We named just a few of the challenges within pharmaceutical serialization…

  • Creating sustainable and unique codes for individual pharmaceutical products
  • Cross-site coordination
  • Implementing changes and communicating them to employees
  • Risk management with regards to quality, accuracy & security
  • FDA DSCSA compliance

2.       Packaging sustainability

The demand for sustainable packaging has been steadily increasing and pharmaceutical industry is not an exception from this trend. Due to growing demand and stricter regulations, manufacturers and brand owners are highly concerned about packaging sustainability. However the main challenge is convincing consumer to choose your sustainable design rather than competitor’s, as people now just assume that pharmaceutical packaging should be sustainable in the first place.

3.       Collaboration

Another major challenge that pharmaceutical industry faces is collaboration between packaging technology (for example innovative materials or sustainable solutions), labeling technology (serialization, translations) and regulation (FDA’s DSCSA enforcement). Pharma Packaging conference is going to address this issue and provide solutions how can they work in a more sufficient manner to produce a product that is compliant, technologically advanced and sustainable.

Wish you to find out more about challenges and solutions in pharmaceutical packaging and labeling, we highly recommend visiting the most anticipated pharmaceutical packaging event in the West Coast in November 2017. If you have further questions or comments do not hesitate to get in touch!