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Sessions to look forward to in 2018

  • Opening keynote showcasing Top Pharma company Boehringer Ingleheim’s experience with next level temperature monitoring tools whilst considering past obstacles.

  • Sven Sachsse from Bayer reveals a collaborative and new Pharma Supply Chain Risk Management IT tool. The session will highlight the positive impact the tool has on network design and the quality of documentation.

  • The 2018 agenda introduces greater discussion involving air cargo specialists to reduce the information gap between the air cargo industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The ultimate aim is to reduce temperature-related issues during air shipments.

  • The session on air vs sea freight does not just compare the evident benefits and downfalls between both types of transportation. It offers a collaborative atmosphere whereby delegates will provide insight on how to covert from air to sea freight to overcome the perceived barriers in doing so.

  • Sessions on the agenda focus on linking distribution, packaging and logistics processes to the environment whilst theorising ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Countdown to Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals In Distribution 2018