Plant Life Management and Plant Life Extension Europe 2016

12th – 13th April 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Our PLIM and PLEX Conference is growing form strength to strength and we are looking forward to the next event which will bring together nuclear power plant operators from across Europe to discuss the current challenges in plant life management and extension in order to identify best practices.

The conference, taking place on 12th and 13th of April 2016 in Budapest, will include contributions from the European Commission, key plant operators such as EDF, renowned research institutions like UJV Rez and leading solution providers. Together we will discuss the most pressing topics and explore how the industry can move forward.

PLIM and PLEX offer its participants a balanced mix of presentations and interactive round tables discussions. It provides a unique platform to network with key industry representatives and exchange experience to successfully master plant life extension processes.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next PLIM and PLEX conference on 12nd and 13rd of April, 2016 in Budapest.


Event News

Addressing Public Perception:

Nuclear power plants keep have a mixed reputation amongst the public even though they provide clean energy with hardly any emissions.

Introducing the highlights of our 2016 PLIM & PLEX agenda:

With the European Union growing closer together and guidelines becoming stricter it is vital to keep up with the latest research.


Read the latest testimonials from our previous PLIM & PLEX Europe events…

Announcing the 8th Annual PLIM PLEX

For 2016 we will build on the successes of this event and endeavour to once again provide you with plenty of ideas and strategies which you can take away an implement to ensure continued long term operation.

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