Site Visit

The site visit will take place on the 20th April 2012, after the completion of the two day Summit in Brussels.

The Test Centre is a facility where AREVA JSPM tests its Reactor Coolant Pumps in order to characterize accurately the hydraulic performances like in real condition of operation and in incidental conditions. This is very useful for New Plant Construction to optimise the plant primary circuit calibration. This is also extremely helpful to qualify an upgrade brought to an existing RCP model in case of a revamping campaign for Plant Life Extension. The test centre has been inaugurated very recently so everything is new, with most up-to-date technology. We will also tour AREVA’s nearbye Hot Shop facilities; a workshop where nuclear operators send their contaminated parts (of Reactor Coolant Pumps) in order to decontaminate them and repair them (to be reinstalled in the power plant to go to 60 years).

The site visit will be FREE of charge for all nuclear utilities and operators!

For further details please speak to our onsite team or enquire with or +44 (0)207 936 6695.


9:00 - Congregate outside Brussels venue

9:30 - Departure

11:00 - Arrival at AREVA Testing Facility

11:05 - Introduction

11:30 - Lunch

12:30 - Tour of main Testing Facility and Hot Shop facilities

14: 50 - Departure

17:30 - Arrival back in Brussels

Please note that ID (passport) and social security numbers are needed for admittance into the testing facility. No cameras will be allowed.

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