What to expect from the 2018 event

The 2018 Summit will host a very high calibre Speaking Faculty to deliver presentations on, perspectives about and insights into the most pressing industry themes. With modernisation changing the face of banking, the Summit will focus on 3 key themes to dissect the challenges, pinpoint the opportunities and address the practical considerations for achieving the objective of remaining a relevant and engaging bank. Underlying the principal themes, the Summit program will offer insight into the barriers to evolution in these areas such as regulatory requirements and pressures, employee adoption and change management.

The core themes explored in the 2018 Summit include:

  1. Creating impactful customer experiences
  2. Leveraging on technological progress
  3. Identifying profitable new client segments

The topics for exploration underpin the ongoing objectives of retail banks in remaining competitive, becoming future-proof and determining the metrics available to ensure success as well as return no investment.

Delegates attending the daytime Summit will benefit from Case Study presentations, interactive discussions and debates about these key themes from the most Senior and experienced individuals and institutions in the sector.

Following the full day of content, the evening Awards ceremony will celebrate the most innovative, impressive and successful initiatives from Retail Banks over the past 12 months. Awards will be given for wide-ranging achievements and will look to highlight leaders in the industry and efforts to progress Retail Banking.

The Awards will be delivered during a Gala Dinner following a welcome Drinks Reception, welcoming Institutions from all over the world and will be hosted by Senior Editors from Retail Banker International.

Countdown to Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Summit and Awards 2018