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Arena International’s 6th Annual Small Hydro Conference - Western Summit 2014

Right now we are working with stakeholders from across the industry to create a collection of discussions and presentations that will keep you at the forefront of developments in this sector. Each year our talks delve into state-of-the-art solutions and case study-based success stories that enable you to take your business forward.

Following research with our regular attendees, our agenda includes topics such as:

·         Deconstructing various market structures across North America, including case studies

·         Uncovering investor expectations to determine how to make projects more financially attractive

·         Investigating social implications of small hydro projects and how to cooperate with all stakeholder interests

·         Evaluating legislation within the industry to ensure you are fully compliant

·         Exploring potential in different hydro plant types

In addition, we ensure ample time for networking with other attendees who are important to your business.