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Highlighting the rising competition of alternative renewable energies: opportunity of threat?

In a concern of a better energy mix, some countries are reducing the share of hydropower in the non-conventional production of energy. While hydro was so far in a situation of quasi-monopoly, Its share on the renewable energies declined from 95% in 2000 to 83% in 2015. More and more countries like Chile, Argentina or Costa Rica are enacting laws to reduce dependence on hydropower and increase the share of other renewables energy in the national grid to 20% in 2025.

This shift to alternative renewable energies is very slow and will take time but it is definitely happening and we found urgently to start integrating this situation in our agenda to enable sharing common concerns and see what the possibilities of investments are.

This interest for other renewable energies is driven by several factors: the conjectural policies of local government are always playing a big role in the investment of energy, but this is driven as well by the lack of reliability of small hydro. The phenomena of dryness are becoming even more numerous and so there is a real need for a higher energy mix.

Our speakers will approach this question through different sessions: Jose Garcia, CEO of Cascade Hydro will chair a presentation questioning this competition and the role of small hydro in this future landscape. Marcelo Garcia, will present Celsia’s policy in Colombia which is trying to diversify his fleet toward more solar and wind.

Countdown to Small Hydro Latin America 2018