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Highlights on the  2017 agenda

Our comprehensive agenda covered in 2017 all the different aspects of a small hydro project to give you a broad overview of the different challenges and opportunities. Among those topics, some were particularly important:

  • Social issues: Nestor Gutierrez Mejía from Proeléctrica and Camilo Ruiz Morales from Vatia both presented case studies on how to deal with social issues and so facilitate the development of your projects

  • Small Hydro Funding: through roundtables on how to attract investors hosted by Alejandro Paz from MGM Innova Capital and a presentation from Daniel Petrie from HBI Helm Banca de Inversión, we explore how to find more easily investors and funding for your projects.

  • Environmental issues: Enrique Herrera from Aluz Clean Energy and Ana Herrera Romero from Gen+ both presented on how to mitigate the impact of a small hydro Project on the environment. Gen+ also highlighted the difficulty to have environmental license and how to facilitate the compliance of your small hydro projects. 

  • Opportunities in LATAM: One of the key moment of the conference was a panel discussion that gathered 5 experts of the small hydro industry from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Colombia to explore where is small hydro developing according to the regulations or facilities of investments. 

Countdown to Small Hydro Latin America 2018