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Sustainability for the environment, and for the community

Hydropower is a renewable energy which has much less impact on the environment that conventional energies, but it still have an impact, and one of the goals of our conference is to discover how to reduce this impact.

The impact of Small hydro is twofold, it has an impact on the environment, and so an impact on the communities who live in the small hydro areas. The impact of small hydro is minimised in comparison to large hydro plant but surprising, the developers meet the same challenges: how to get an environment license, how to integrate the communities in the project to limit social issues, how to reduce the impact of the hydro project on the environment.

Oscar Jaramillo Hurtado will present a comparison between the challenges met by Small and Large Hydro, presenting different regulations and environment requirement whilst William Angel Robledo from Isagen company will speak about how to mitigate the impact of small hydro on the environment.

The social issues are generally one of the main challenges to overcome when developing a small hydro project this is why 2 presentations will be dedicated to this highly important topic. Camilo Ruiz from Vatia – a Colombian generation company – will showcase the experimentation they have been implementing in one of their projects to overcome social issues, working closely with local trade union.

Countdown to Small Hydro Latin America 2018