Big & Bold

A unique, but apparently trending feature of presentations looked at bold marketing campaigns that brands were willing to use to make their message stand out from the crowd.  

The Chief Marketing Officer from the Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company offered a presentation on how they used an anti-campaign to a major international football event to draw people towards their brand. This split their market, however it did lead to them achieving a high volumes of sales in the Eastern Europe, and the ability to keep their premium price tag.

The International Marketing Manager of Malts from Beam Suntory talked about how they wanted to display extreme and bold opinions of their whisky to draw attention to the brand. This was a method that didn’t want please everyone, but instead draw in new people to try the brand for the first time.

Could this be a strategy of the future? It isn’t certain, however with an increasingly crowded market, Spirit brands are going to have to find new ways to stand out to consumers.

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