The importance of bar trends in shaping the spirits landscape

The on trade sector plays a massive part in the spirits industry and the way it has developed over the years. The in the UK alone there are 120  thousand bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels and spirits make up 24.2% of the on trade sector here with a sum of £5.8 billion in 2015 (Wine and Spirits Trade Association, 2016). The relationship is mutually beneficial as bars and pubs are also increasingly relying on spirits sales to help grow their profitability also.

The changing consumer means the premises of where drinks are mixed is shifting. Bar brands is an important part of growth in the on trade sector as consumers seek more value and originality when going out. There has been a rise in the cocktail scene with many cities taking advantage of this wave and this coincides with the consumers thirst for unique serves and creative experimentation

Spirits brands are focusing and incorporating bartenders into brand strategy as these are the main influencers of the spirits industry. Bartenders are coined with being the shapers of the market as they spend the majority of their time with consumers and have in depth knowledge of the changing customer needs and wants. Thus, it is important to analyse the influence of the on trade, particularly bars to understand the future of the spirits market.

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