Will the interest in gin be short lived?

Gin has grown to become an important part of the spirit market with increased attention by all spirit players and consumers. The UK sales of gin broke through the £1 billion mark for the first time in 2016 and it has continued to grow in terms of variety and significance (Telegraph, 2016)

There has been an explosion of creativity in this market with many botanical based flavours and combinations, coupled with an increase in tonic varieties this has increased consumer drink options. The industry has adjusted to the change in consumer profile and needs with many consumers looking for a story behind their drink choices as well as opting for a healthier alternative.

The main question is, how sustainable is this gin boom, or whether it is appropriate to call this a boom? Many predict that gin will remain prominent with an increase in mergers and acquisition with gin companies the market is here to stay. How important is gin outside of Europe? The big challenge it seems is to broaden the gin scope beyond Europe and create a strong product imprint in other dominant spirit markets, like the United States.

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