The only event to focus on integration of digital capabilities with existing processes to enhance client engagement and reach new segments

Arena International is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Digital Integration in Wealth Management conference, taking place in London, 15th-16th February 2017. This exciting new event will be the only meeting to focus specifically on how wealth management firms and private banks can integrate digital capabilities with existing processes to enhance client engagement and reach new segments.

The conference aims to provide an interactive platform for you to discuss how you can create a practical roadmap towards digital integration in order to remain competitive and future-proof your services. Delegates will debate, investigate and share best practices on topics such as the impact of robo-advice, millennials and other disruptors, how to create omnichannel client journeys and achieving successful integration in-house and with technology partners. At this unique two day event, delegates can avail of unique networking opportunities with industry peers and cutting-edge technology providers, an interactive program and thought-provoking presentations delivered by thought-leaders in wealth management.

Join us in February to find out how to build your digital strategy.


Event News

Personalisation is key to client loyalty

It is now down to the traditional firms to meet the digital expectations of the customer in the rapidly increasingly tech-savvy world.

Why should wealth managers use social media?

The conservative nature of the wealth management sector means the potential impact of such platforms is disregarded. Social media is too big for wealth managers to ignore.

Why are wealth management companies going digital now?

Whilst ‘talk’ of digital integration has been happening for some time in this sector, there are several factors which make the change a necessity.

3 key reasons why digital integration in wealth management is important

Digital integration is vital and unavoidable in order for business to thrive and be successful. And even though it is harder to implement such changes to more established sectors - like wealth management - we listed 3 fundamental reasons why digital integration in wealth management is so vital.

Programme Highlights

The 1st Annual Digital Integration in Wealth Management conference promises to offer delegates the opportunity to discover new strategies to face the most prominent challenges when integrating digital into their organisation.