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The only event to focus on integration of digital capabilities with existing processes to enhance client engagement and reach new segments

21st - 22nd February 2018, London

Arena International is thrilled to announce that the second Digital Integration in Wealth Management will be returning to London!

Operating within an increasingly digital landscape and cross-generational trends emerging, there is still a need for the Wealth Management sector to better understand how to serve their varied clientele segments; to clarify where to strike that balance between a digital and fiscal offering.

This conference offers a strong focus on digital tools and process that can be implemented to meet cross-generational needs, tailored to the nature of your firm and clientele. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders including representatives from Deutsche Bank, UBS Wealth Management and BNP Paribas Fortis, you will take away a deeper understanding of the digital strategies and how they can be best implemented to attract new markets and further clients engagement, in an increasingly global and connected world.


Event News

A Brief History of Blockchain and What It Means for Wealth Management

It is no secret that Blockchain has the ability to transform the banking industry. But how can we fully understand its implications for Wealth Management if we aren’t clear on what it actually is?

3 digital wealth management trends to consider in 2018

Technology spending among wealth management companies has recently seen a significant increase and it is expected to grow further. Digital disruption, without and exception, is affecting all the industries in Europe. But how do we integrate these digital trends to mature wealth management sector?

A Quick Look at the History of the Wealth Management

In order to fully understand digital disruption and integration in wealth management, we need to comprehend the history of this industry. This article will overview the timeline of the wealth management sector, and propose the reasons to go digital.

Striking a Balance

There’s a grey area within the industry. How digital do we go? How do we ensure that it is a seamless operation and cohesive process?

Key Client Insight and Future Forecasting

Integrating a successful and cohesive digital strategy is a difficult, one that will take time and due to the fast rate of technical innovations it is very much a process rather than a project. This event will access incremental steps made by the industry, the key accomplishments and the less successful methods to learn where the potential lies.