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Key Client Insight and Future Forecasting

Integrating a successful and cohesive digital strategy is a difficult, one that will take time and due to the fast rate of technical innovations it is very much a process rather than a project. This event will access incremental steps made by the industry, the key accomplishments and the less successful methods to learn where the potential lies.

Also highlighted will be the changing generation market to assess where and how digital tools will engage and retain your clients. Future trends will be uncovered by leading Wealth Management research company GlobalData to provide you with accurate forecast industry needs, challenges and opportunities to capitalise upon, to examine how an integrated digital strategy will increase operational efficiency and cut costs. Additionally, key spaces within the sector will be identified to underpin where further potential lies to take advantage upon.

Article 50 has been triggered, although there has been talks of what it will encompass it is a topic that needs to be acutely addressed. The future forecasting underlining theme at the next edition of this conference will also include a panel discussion over the ever looming Brexit as the negotiations over the UK leaving the European Union begin. A handful of Financial Services companies and companies in complimenting industries have started to move their head offices out of the UK. What will changing legislation entail for the Wealth Management and Private Banking sector? Equally, what will be the impact on clients? Plausible futures such as mergers, acquisitions and subsidiaries will be reviewed to help mitigate the implications of the EU referendum, to establish likely pressures that could impact your business strategy and competitive positioning within the market.