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Regulation Confusion & Clarification

Moving into a digital space isn’t as smooth as one might think. In order to fully capitalise upon technology effectively, there’s an increasing need to establish a clear foundation of knowledge on regulations to assess efficient and effective strategies to implement within your digital strategy.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be implemented early 2018. The regulation itself is well understood, yet there’s little knowledge of how best to tackle the obstacle to ensure an even more compliant and seamless business operation. To understand this, a question and answer session with the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association will take place to not only clarify confusion but also to illustrate innovation technologies to manage data, but also highlight benchmarking techniques and best practises.

Due to the historic nature of the industry the benefits of incorporating social media into a firm’s digital strategy are often debated within the industry, as this channel has predominately been used by the Mass Affluent. Yet, as cross generational trends emerge in the near future it could be a more strategic than originally thought. With data however, comes more heavily regulation. Throughout the conference, requirements will be assessed to evaluate the potential for social media tools, with a talk from Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association to clarify data management and transaction potential. This will be complemented with a presentation undertaken by UBS Wealth Management in a case study form, drawing from their experience to underpin opportunities and limitations of its use.