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Striking a Balance

There’s a grey area within the industry. How digital do we go? How do we ensure that it is a seamless operation and cohesive process? One of the big questions facing the sector is, how do we implement a digital service that is not only in line with your business strategy but also meet the differing communication needs of our clients? Clarification on this conundrum will be granted through two functions – digital marketing and investment, as well as technology and innovation

Advancements in technology in our lifetimes are making huge leaps, investment and developments are constantly pushing the boundaries that keep us connected. It’s becoming more of a social norm and communication movements that societies have witnessed are likely to only continue to head in the same direction. Due to digital advisory the industry has become more competitive, as clients are drawn to the convenience and quick time nature of the service like they receive in differing industries.

Peppered throughout this conference, key segmentation and communication techniques will be highlighted to allow for client engagement and satisfaction, and how these variables came be aligned to ensure an optimal business strategy; one that despite digital engagement, still offers a transparent, sophisticated and straight forward service.

Some fear that through digitalisation, strong relationships will be lost. Agenda highlights includes sessions that detail how to integrate Client Relationship Management tools, to collect and mine client intelligence to enable behavioural targeting that ensures curial personalised content and contact with clients. Yet, ones that also reduce operational techniques and allow greater time efficiencies. This conference is a platform that offers those facing this grey area will better understand how an optimal service is achieved.