Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services 2022

London, UK
28th-29th September, 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services 2022

The Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services conference will be returning to London in 2022.

Over the course of 2 days, 150+ senior executives from leading financial institutions will gather to discuss current AI success, how you can leverage new tools, and when and where to use them for best effect.

The event will tackle 2 key issues:

1. How AI impacts the business model of financial services – and where best to deploy it – now, and in the next decade

2. How to get adoption, deployment and implementation right - with a focus on internal and human processes as much – if not more on – human-centred activities

Delegates will leave the event with insight on how the industry uptake of AI is evolving, especially as advances in processing power start to change what’s possible, and guidance on where the industry is headed to over the next decade.

What to Expect for 2020?

This event brings together senior executives from Europe’s leading financial services companies to explore the latest innovations in AI and how they are specifically being used to enhance and disrupt the FS industry.


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Why attend?

  • Join like-minded peers in interactive sessions and cases studies designed to showcase real world examples of how your colleagues have implemented AI solutions

  • This is an exceptional networking opportunity for industry accelerators in AI. Meet industry C-Suite and Director level executives from across financial services to make valuable connections

  • Explore the exhibition hall and discover the right processes, tools and techniques to help you implement a range of digital solutions

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Ben Lloyd-Davies
Sales Manager
T: +44 207 936 6552

Speaker opportunities

The 2022 programme is written in collaboration with industry, if you have a case study, idea or just a comment, please contact:


Kim Palfrey
Deputy Head of Production