Scaling GenAI in Biopharma: From Limited Users to Full-Scale Adoption

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Yiannis Kiachopoulos
CEO and Co-Founder

Yiannis is a computer scientist and has consulted with the world’s largest companies before co-founding Causaly in 2018. Yiannis holds a Bachelor and master’s in computer science, an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and took part in Singularity University’s Future Studies program.

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Isra Salim
Director, Product

Isra leads the Product team at Causaly, working alongside our customers and users to create product experiences that deliver value. Her experiences have focused on growth strategy, and new product and business models, having worked in strategy consulting and corporate strategy across Roland Berger, LexisNexis and the World Bank. She holds a BA in Economics from Macalester College, and an MBA from London Business School.

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