Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals Europe 2023

NH Milano Congress Centre
15th-16th March, 2023

Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals Europe 2023




Arena International is delighted to announce that the Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals Europe conference is going to be held in Milan in 2023. Join us at the 19th edition of this key industry event where we will address the leading industry issues in a focused and productive setting. Delegates will gain access to real solutions to the challenges they face in cold chain and temperature-controlled logistics.


“The biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics, according to IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science.”

- Air Cargo News: The figure, quoted in the 2019 Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Survey.


This important industry event will bring together professionals in pharma, biopharma and biotech companies specialising in: cold chain, supply chain, logistics, procurement, quality assurance and temperature controlled logistics. Our distinguished speakers will tackle the most pressing industry challenges, will share cutting-edge technologies and will help you prepare for the future by addressing game-changing innovations.


Join us for what will be an unmissable event in the industry calendar, one that will help you benchmark your strategies and be more effective in this dynamic industry.

Programme Highlights

– Updates on key industry regulations

– Dealing with transportation challenges at border control and customs

– End-to-end transportation technologies and solutions

– Temperature monitoring innovations

– Data and digitalisation strategies

– Mitigating supply chain risks and avoiding temperature excursions

– Shipping products at frozen and deep-frozen temperatures

– Industry sustainability initiatives


  • ‘That was a superb day, it feels like we’ve been at a real, in person, conference!’ Worldwide Clinical Trials

  • ‘A great event, I met more people than I do at an in-person event and I’ve got loads of follow ups’ Conversis

  • ‘The whole setting is actually very well accomplished! Thanks again for the invitation!’ Apogenix AG


To enquire about sponsorship potential for the conference, please contact our commercial team who will be excited to talk you through all available opportunities:

Jaz Sidhu
Senior Sponsorship Manager
T:+44 (0) 207 9472755
E: jazsidhu@arena-international.com


To enquire about speaking opportunities please contact:

Alfred Mani
Senior Conference Producer
T: +44 (0)20 4540 7582
E: alfred.mani@arena-international.com