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Balancing technological innovation with security to ensure you stay ahead of competitors while protecting customers

The banking industry faces growing pressures both from customer expectations and ever-tightening regulations. With the advent of disruptions through the entrance and growing prominence of Fintech firms it has never been more important for banks to hit the right balance between digital innovation and security.

EBF offers a platform for discussing and sourcing solutions to these challenges. Placing you face to face with the key decision makers across the banking sector, EBF ensures you can deliver key solutions to the functional and strategic problems facing the banking industry today.

For 2017 the programme will cover the key cyber security and risk management challenges, including e-fraud, mobile security, payment security, the emergence of biometrics and much more.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to hear from thought leaders from across the top banks in Europe, and key companies creating implementable solutions.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!


Event News

PSD2 and how it will alter the financial industry

Since 2013, when the European Commission proposed a revision to the Payment Services Directive (PSD), many questions were raised as to how this will alter the financial industry, and who it will benefit. In just 6 months time, the new regulation PSD2 will be in full force and the answers to all the questions raised previously will be answered. 

The power of technology and its shadowing threats

As technological advancement continues to enhance efficiency, it has strengthened nearly every industry around the globe. However, the shadow which follows closely behind these advantages can be problematic, and may cause a negative effect on businesses. In the financial industry, a global concern on cyber security has been raised, as several catastrophic hacks in the past decade has caused a dramatic impact to the sector.

Countdown to EBF Banking Technology and Strategy - Security and Risk 2017