Arena International run over 80 international B2B conferences every year, with a thriving programme that is always expanding. Our portfolio spans four main industry sectors; Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer and Technology which take place across three primary geographical regions of Europe, USA and Asia. We have a core focus on learning and development and support our teams to achieve their career ambitions.

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The three values at the core of everything we do are the global reach, innovation, and successful people.

Arena is not a business which stands still and we see innovation as the key to our continued success.

We are a truly global business and this is true both of our events and our employees. Within Arena there are 27 different passports held in the team and this diversity is really at the core of everything we do.

The heart of the company really is the people that make it. The passion, hard work and flair of all our staff really make us the company we are proud to be.


At Arena International you will be given all the training, facilities and support you need to thrive in your chosen career whether it be production, marketing, operations or sales.

We work best when we work together, each department collaborates closely in the creation of our world leading events and we pride ourselves on our team focused approach to event delivery.

We champion talent and offer unparalleled opportunities for progression in your chosen career. We seek to create an environment which supports innovation and new ways of working.

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