Alternative Investment Forum 2017

18-19 October 2017, London, UK

The Alternative Investment Forum is returning for the 9th year in London to bring together a diverse range of investors, funds and service providers; for a dynamic two days of 1:1 meetings and in-depth presentations on the latest market trends in timberland and agriculture investments.

With key themes including sustainable and impact investing, the impact of climate change and liquidity risks. The dual focus on timber and agriculture enabled investors to discover the complementary role these assets can play in a portfolio and to spot the best ventures available in both.

The 2017 programme aims to stay abreast of the latest trends and challenges of investing in this space. This allows the exploration of challenges and emerging opportunities to both diversify your portfolio and achieve healthy returns. Participants in the 2017 programme include: World Bank, FAO of the United Nations, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and many more. With efficiency and productivity at the forefront of investment opportunity, the need to share experiences, scalable success stories and new ways of investing has never been greater.


Event News

Why should you attend?

Welcome to the 9th annual Alternative Investment Forum is the only event which highlights the value of investment opportunities in both the timber and agriculture asset classes as tools to meet investment objectives with tolerable levels of risk.

Why timber and agriculture?

There is a broader move by institutional investors into alternative investments due to the challenging conditions of the post-crisis years.  Both timberland and agriculture are considered to be real assets.

What to expect from 2017

The Alternative Investment Forum is an event which showcases the latest investment opportunities and will focus on problems which could potentially occur and more importantly how to overcome them. Each year we aim to create a comprehensive agenda, speaker line-up and audience to share ideas and opportunities for future investments.

2016 Highlights

The 2016 Alternative Investment Forum offered delegates detailed insights into the most lucrative investment opportunities in timberland and agriculture. As well as the opportunity of 1:1 meetings with leading forestry and farming funds, the agenda enabled investors to gain an in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends and the role that real assets can play in their investment portfolio.

Interactive Roundtables

This year’s Alternative Investment Forum enabled delegates to effectively network with funds and service providers to discover the most lucrative investment opportunities in timberland and agriculture.

Exploring the Potential for Biomass Investments

At the 2016 Alternative Investment Forum, there was a renewed focus on market demand for biomass as an energy source to determine the impact on investors in the energy to power generation field. Fortum debated the credentials of wood pellets as a viable alternative source of sustainable energy to determine where it may fit in with the rising popularity of wind and solar power. Related to this rising popularity of renewables in the wake of the Paris Agreement, is the question of the ...