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16th Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast 2018

October 17th – 18th 2018, Princeton, New Jersey

Following on from the success of the 2017 Clinical Trial Supply East conference, Arena International is pleased to announce that the event will return for its 16th year in 2018.

The 2017 event welcomed biopharma companies, large, medium and small from across the East coast region who got together to share knowledge and issues regarding clinical supply chain, both with regards to operational and technological challenges. Over the two days, delegates discussed how to reap rewards when overcoming sourcing challenges, discovering the practical benefits of e-labeling and maximizing IRT’s potential as a tool for clinical trials.

With support from US borders and Customs a host of innovative trial sponsors, large and small, and innovative solution providers, this unique event once again proved itself to be a highlight in the local industry’s event calendar. Delegates enjoyed a dynamic programme of case-study presentations, interactive panel discussions and networking breaks which enabled the audience to discover practical take-aways and local knowledge sharing.

The 2018 programme is currently underway so if you have an interesting topic proposal, please get in touch with the programme director.


Event News

Who should attend this event?

The Clinical Trail Supply East Coast event is a uniqueplatform for the clinical trials community in and around the pharma hub of New Jersey. This event is aimed at enabling local knowledge-sharing, benchmarking and network-building amongst New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York State biopharma industry peers.

What 2017 delegates thought

Levolta Pharmaceuticals “Excellent, focused conference. A nice size in an excellent venue”

Why Princeton?

The conference will be hosted in Princeton New Jersey, which is recognized as an undisputed leader in life sciences given how the area hosts major facilities of 13 of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, while being home to more than 3,100 facilities operating across all sectors. Therefore, this event brings together leading professionals from both large pharma and biotech, who together can best explore the problems that underpin their clinical supplies and offer take-away ...

Clinical supply outsourcing, the past and the future

Traditionally, outsourcing was only relevant to non-core functions within the clinical space. However, in the past decade, outsourcing central operations such as manufacturing and research have began to rise as many pharma businesses are strategically shifting their resources to leverage on external expertise and improve their core competencies. Through outsourcing, pharmaceutical companies are able to capitalise in multiple areas, we have highlighted a couple below:

Pharmaceutical labelling in the 21st Century – E labels

It is commonly known that the pharmaceutical industry has an exceedingly high standard for safety, quality, and procedural accuracy in contrast to other sectors. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, regulations have tightened in many areas to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products. One of which has caused a significant impact to the industry, creating a challenge which concerns every manufacturer in the clinical space, you might have guessed it, its labelling!

Countdown to Clinical Trial Supply East 2018