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Building effective solutions to your clinical supply inefficiencies to ensure cost effective and timely delivery

Following the huge success of the 13th Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast Conference in 2015 we are returning to Princeton, New Jersey to bring together all the leading supply chain personnel from local companies, both large and small.

Kicking off the conference are several in depth sessions looking at the pertinent challenges associated with global supply chains. The specific and complex challenges with long supply chains will be covered by some of the top guys in this field.

We are also thrilled to announce that there will be sessions from both the FDA and US Customs and Border Protection to ensure you are fully informed on the latest US regulations and ensuring you avoid lengthy customs delays.

Tackling comparator sourcing, we have a TransCelerate panel discussing their current work on ensuring an open supply chain for your trials to assist greater innovation and the best care for your patients.

Opening our second day will be a dedicated technology and innovation morning, looking to cover the latest and greatest in research and initiatives to simplify your clinical supply chain and ensure accurate reporting, tracking, packaging and labeling.

We will bring these jam-packed two days to a close with the opportunity to discuss the big ideas in specific and targeted roundtable sessions. This will be your opportunity to discuss, deliberate and debate the key challenges raised throughout the event and analyze the varied solutions presented.

The event will be held on October 19th – 20th and we hope to see you there!


Latest news

Who should attend this event?

For the 14th Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast Conference we will be welcoming a number of your senior industry peers. This year you will be given the opportunity to delve straight into the big hot topics facing your clinical supply chain in 2016 and ensure you are fully equipped for the future and any emerging challenges cropping up. Included in this are a myriad of topics ranging from tackling emerging markets to managing your vendors effectively.

Peek inside the technology and innovation morning

Brand new for 2016 we are thrilled to bring you a dedicated technology and innovation morning on Day 2 of the 14th Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast Conference. We have top speakers from the likes of Janssen, Merck, and Novapeutics delving into the latest and greatest opportunities offered through technology.

Spotlighting your international clinical supply chain

Opening our 14th Annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast Conference will be the highly informative and very relevant sessions covering your international clinical supply chains. With more companies than ever focusing their trials in ever-more remote areas it is becoming increasingly important that supply chains are well-equipped to handle the added pressures of longer delivery timeframes and unknown territories.

The importance of adapting your clinical trial supply chain to a global and evolving world

Globalisation is making the pharmaceutical industry experience a transformation journey, with clinical trials becoming more international than ever and inevitably increasing the complexity of the process.

Challenging times for the pharmaceutical world

Clinical trials are changing rapidly and ensuring their correct operation has never been more vital. Companies across the pharmaceutical industry are having to adapt quickly toovercome current challenges.