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‘Developing best practices and incorporating novel technologies to meet the demand of more complex, international clinical trial supply chains’

May 3rd – 4th, Cary, North Carolina

Our Clinical Trial Supply Southeast 2016 event brought together a great mix of local trial sponsors and vendors in an intimate setting to tackle the latest industry challenges being faced by the region. With two panel discussions and roundtables to close the conference there was plenty of opportunity for interaction and debate on the hot topics stimulating discussion over the two day event.

Opening the conference were the ever-debated topics of forecasting and comparator sourcing ensuring trial sponsors are able to minimize the delays and interruptions in trial supply and eliminate excess waste, stock-outs and emergency remediation.

For the panel discussions on both Day 1 and Day 2, IRT was explored to determine the current use and challenges faced with the technology and ideas shared for how to fully utilize these solutions, particularly when working on a global level.

The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference will be returning once again in May 2017 and we really look forward to seeing you all there!

Event News

Trump’s reign, what will this mean for clinical trial supply?

Prior to the U.S. election, the clinical supply industry maintained focus on challenges such as forecasting and comparator sourcing to reduce delays & interruptions as well as eliminate excess waste and emergency remediation. However since the U.S. election in November, a major question roaming around the industry is how Trump’s term will affect clinical supply; is this a sense of relieve because Clinton would have cracked down on prescription drugs, or anxiety amongst clinical ...

Implications of borders for clinical trial supplies

As many pharma businesses begin to capitalize on cost effective manufacturing abroad due to a number of pulling and pushing factors (lower costs, faster recruitment rate | higher standard of care, liability); this multi site operation has sparked implications as compliance with country specific regulations has become an obstacle for clinical trial supply. In addition to this, further challenges such as cultural differences and language barrier means the very cost effective international ...

3 reasons why you should come to our Southeast conference

Cary is part of the Southeast’s Research Triangle Park, a growing and thriving community of over 80 biotech and life science companies. With over 9,000 local specialists coming both from big companies and smaller start-ups who have been drawn to the amazing development since 1959.

Key takeaways from CTS Southeast 2016?

Over the course of the jam packed, two day Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference there was a lot of information shared and many excellent takeaways for the audience. With the southeast region incorporating a growing cluster of biotech and pharma companies, competition is rife to reach peak efficiency in the clinical supply chain to ensure drug development is completed in record time and with the best results!

Who should attend this event?

Primary delegates for this event are those with responsibility for clinical supply in biotech and pharma companies in the Southeast region, also including those from Maryland.