Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2016

2nd-3rd March 2016, Berlin

The Fire Protection of Rolling Stock Conference is growing form strength to strength and we are looking forward to yet another event that will bring together train operators, manufacturers and suppliers to discuss best practices in fire safety and determine the way forward for the European rail industry.

The next annual meeting will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2016 in Berlin and will offer its participants a balanced mix of presentations and interactive round table discussions. It provides a unique platform for rail safety professionals to discuss the most pressing industry topics and network with key industry figures.

In addition, the highly focused presentations will equip you with expert knowledge to successfully master the challenges of the current transition period. Our topics range from valuable industry feedback on the application of European EN45545 norms to an introduction of the new Italian norm UNI11565. We will also address the industries future challenges and global opportunities with international contributors from the US and India.

We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin for more regulatory insight, technological innovation and value networking on the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2016. If you would like to attend or support our event as a sponsor please contact the Programme Director.


Event News

Database for Rolling Stock Materials

Material testing and approval according to the European railway standard EN 45545-2 is currently one of the major challenges for the rolling stock industry. The requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components are strict and a significant amount of time and resources are spent on testing and certification processes. This can result in increased product prizes and project costs as well as threaten innovation in this field.

Who should attend

Arena International provides a conference where senior decision-makers and representatives from operators, manufacturers, regulators and service providers come together to share experiences, discoveries and real life case studies and return to their office with an up to date perspectives and practical information that will allow them to improve their fire protection systems and strategies.

Coming together or growing apart? FPRS will provide clarity on the Italian UNI11565 specifications and its implications for the European rolling stock industry

The Italian UNI 11565 specifications for railway vehicles and their fire detection and extinguishing systems have caused confusion in the European rolling stock industry leaving many speculating on the reasons for as well as the impact of this new norm.

What new fire safety topics will be explored in 2016?

With the 3 year transition period coming to an end in 2016, colleagues across the industry are keen to master the implementation of the existing fire safety regulations and ensure total compliance. This is a key time to ensure this process is made as cost and time efficient as possible.

Why attend Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2016

A new edition of the annual Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2016 conference has been announced – once again the anticipated event will be taking place in Berlin next March, and there’s never been a more crucial time to attend…